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City Walk is a new show on KCET all about how a renewed focus on walking is transforming cities across the country. It’s kind of like a skate video—beautiful footage, urban locations, trippy music—but instead of people doing kickflips in public plazas they’re just… walking.

I know, it sounds so, like, pedestrian, but it’s actually pretty fascinating—I love geeking out learning about different people, groups and ideas that are making life better for walkers. Los Angeles Walks was featured on the show a few episodes ago, and this week the filmmakers turned their cameras on the Big Parade, that 35-mile, 100+ stairway walk I’ve done for the last five years from Angels Flight downtown to the Hollywood sign. (Proof: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009).

I was thrilled to be interviewed for the show in Vista Hermosa Park (a place I discovered during the first Big Parade) and I talked about all the great friends I’ve met through stairwalking as well as my obsession with taking photos along the way. At 4:48 they even feature a series of images from my Instagram feed that I took during the last Big Parade, which is truly exciting! Thanks to KCET for giving the Big Parade some awesome press. Watch the episode here.

The question I probably get asked the most by people is where and when to find exciting stairwalks in LA, so I compiled this list:

Outside of LA, there are public stairways in many cities, and these are some of the resources I’ve found for discovering and celebrating stairwalking around the world:, Friends of Public Stairs Facebook group, and a list of the longest public stairways in U.S. cities.

Feel free to share your favorite stairs near you in the comments!

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