Big changes


Fall is the best possible time to make a transition, isn’t it? Changing leaves, changing weather, changing… the clocks back? So on this fair November afternoon where the sun is already setting at 4:30, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve joined the team at Gizmodo as the Urbanism Editor.

I’ve always been a huge admirer of the Gawker Media empire (which last month had more unique visitors than and lately I’d found myself especially impressed with what Gizmodo was doing. Gizmodo’s blessed with an incredibly talented staff—meaning they’re smart, funny, and exceptionally good at finding inappropriate gifs—and a fearless new editor-in-chief: Geoff Manaugh, of the inimitable BLDGBLOG. I’ve known Geoff for a very long time (he used to be my editor at Dwell) and I could not be more excited to be writing about citiestransportationwalkingsecret operasasphalt poolshaunted housessubdivision nomenclaturepizza desertsTom Clancyinstant islands1000-year floods and ferris wheel races under his leadership.

Tech journalism is in desperate need of an evolution, and Gizmodo’s one of a handful of sites that’s decided to look at technology as something that’s bigger than a drone and more life-changing than an iPhone. (But don’t worry, I get to write about pretty neon coral iPhones, too.) I’m really looking forward to what we’re going to accomplish, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a blast doing it.

You can check out Gizmodo’s urbanism coverageread all my Gizmodo stories, and follow Gizmodo on Twitter and Facebook.

ALSO: To celebrate this transition (and inspired by my newsletter heroI’m launching a newsletter where I can collect all my favorite stories, events and foot-photos in one place and send them to you on a semi-regular basis. If you want to sign up, you can do so here.

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  • Sam McMillan

    Congratulations on the new adventure. I think, while you are at it, you should change the name to Urbanismo. And snap your fingers each time you say it. Much more panche that way. Keep up the good work.

  • Alissa

    Thanks! I’ll consider the new name, it really has a ring to it…

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  • xiaju