A Walker in D.F.

Super tortas
Motorcycles at the market
Best doors and gates orange green and blue
Museum in a former estate
Yellow bus
Sun and moon of color
Pink courtyardColorful cord
The jacaranda really makes it
La Michoacana
Pink fence
Neon weavings
Path to the garage
Nike store tiles
Double stairs
Red bricks
Crazy loud vendors
Metro signage
Best Metro signage ever
A different type of a subway tile.
Red stripes
Best tile mosaic house
Joy Center
Gorgeous carvingCheck out the bike
Palace des Belles Artes
Pedestrian is King
La Botica
Best menuAnejo
This is our friend Hector. He makes the best chocolate in the world in this little Mexico City storefront. You should keep an eye on him at @lacasatropical, I hear he might be bringing some to the U.S.
Lebna and chocolate
Glowing tower
Love the "gutters"La Casa Azul
Blue bar
Camino Real
Pink fence
So many colorsLobby
Concrete patterned door
Dressing to match the floors.

I was lucky enough to find myself in Mexico City earlier this month to speak at the pedestrian advocacy conference Ciudad Péaton. While there, I fell in love.

Mexico City is like nowhere else on earth in that it’s both European and American, Colonial and Contemporary, Formal and Casual—and it wears all the sides of its personality so well. And the colors. OH THE COLORS. Each block revealed a combination of shades and textures I couldn’t dream up. Although I stumbled upon many special interiors—like Frida Kahlo’s garden, a transcendent chocolate factory, and the Camino Réal hotel—I would say that most of the beauty of Mexico City is how much of the action happens right there in the street, from eating pastor tacos to sipping mezcal to watching musicians to simply seeing a colorfully dressed couple stroll the leafy sidewalks. The residents of D.F. really know how to live, and it shows on every corner.

Thanks to The Lab for inviting me to be part of such an incredible event (500 young people there to talk about walking!) and for showing me around my new favorite place on earth.

More photos here.

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  • Mexique Decouverte

    Magnifique photos !

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  • JorgeAvilaNYMex

    As a Mexico City native, I am officially a fan of your blog! :) Love re-connecting with my beloved city thru your site!!! Great pictures!!!

  • Alissa

    Thank you so much!

  • Alissa

    Thank you!