The Big Parade: You can do it!


It’s time!

The routes and timetables have been posted for this year’s Big Parade, almost certainly the best urban hike on the planet. At least in LA.

As I told the Daily News in an article about this year’s event:

“The Big Parade is a great example of an event that combines everything I love about walking in L.A. — community, history, nature, architecture — into one adventure,” said longtime participant Alissa Walker, urbanism editor at the blog Gizmodo and a member of the steering committee for Los Angeles Walks, a pedestrian advocacy organization.

“You end up meeting your neighbors and seeing parts of your neighborhood you’ve never seen before. But you also gain a greater understanding of how the city is knit together.”

I stand by that statement.

In addition to all the community, history, nature, and architecture, this year we have a really big, really awesome surprise in the form of a private concert at the home of my friend Joshua Wolf Shenk. He’s hosting the amazing Gabriel Kahane, who has written an entire album of songs about LA, which you may have heard on NPR. The party is Saturday night but you can only find out where it is if you’re walking with us on Saturday. What better reason is there to join?

I’ll also be walking the entire day Sunday, starting at the Music Box Stairs, just down the street from my house. There’s no better feeling than ending the weekend at Griffith Observatory at sunset. Okay, there’s maybe one better feeling: the first post-walk margarita.

Check out all the details over at The Big Parade website, and to get yourself pumped you can also read up on all my coverage over the years:

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I’ll see you there!

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  • Dan Koeppel

    Thanks, Alissa. And I’ll add that your “Five Things…” piece, linked above, is the best, most concise how-to I’ve seen on the event. See you there!