A bit of news…

To tell the truth, I hadn’t planned to announce my pregnancy to the entire internet at once.  But as I started to write the story, I realized that I had an awful lot more to tell that didn’t neatly fit in a Facebook status update.

Our journey to get here was not quite easy: Last year I had a miscarriage. I wanted to tell my story not only to talk openly about this still-quite-taboo subject, but also to share how technology, specifically, an app that I downloaded on a whim, had helped me get through this difficult time, learn more about my body, and, after many long and trying months, finally get pregnant again.

My goal in writing my story was that women like me who were searching the internet in vain trying to find some truth about what happens after a loss would somehow find my words, and with them, a little bit of solace. A few days after publishing this piece, I’ve been completely floored by the comments, emails, texts, and Tweets, and the sheer number of women who have used my essay as a cue to share their own stories. So that alone has been truly amazing.

You can head over to Gizmodo and check out the whole thing: “How An App Helped Me (And 20,000 Other Women) Get Pregnant.” Thanks so much for reading and sharing this important story.

Now on to some other important tasks: Like finding a baby stroller that can make it up the steep hills of my neighborhood!

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