Baby on board

It’s the question I’ve been asked far more than anything else since I got knocked up: “Are you still gonna, like, do the walking thing?”

A valid question, and one that I wanted to explore in more depth before our little one arrived. As much as I want to keep walking, biking and taking transit with a newborn, so many people have told me it’s impossible. Especially in LA.

Luckily, my good friend Sarah Rich tapped me to write a story exploring it on Re-Form, Medium’s brand-new design publication. Head of there, where you can read my story “Multimodal Mom.” I talk about the challenges, both societal and infrastructural, of living car-free with kids in the U.S. And I lay out a plan for how I hope we can be successful multimodal parents in LA. Of course I’ll be reporting back to see how well it works.

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  • Phantom Commuter

    It’s only the white transplants who worry about walking, biking or taking transit with a newborn. Locals in East L.A., South L.A. and The Valley do it all the time ! Just check out the nearest Metro stop.