Christmas came early this year


Funnily enough, only a few days after I wrote that last post warning of my impending maternity leave, I found myself beginning my journey into motherhood just a bit earlier than I expected. Two weeks before her Christmas due date, we welcomed Avery Corita to our family.

Avery is derived from an Old English phrase meaning “elf ruler,” which seems particularly appropriate, at least for now. It’s a name that surfaces now and again in pop culture: It’s Fern’s brother in Charlotte’s Web, Jack Donaghy’s wife in 30 Rock and Murphy Brown’s once-controversial baby boy. There’s an Avery Brewing Company in Boulder (where I went to school) that makes an excellent IPA. And there’s Avery Peak, a 12,000-foot mountain near my parents’ house in Crested Butte, Colorado known for its distinctive red summit. It’s one of the mountains that we were facing when we got married there two years ago.

Corita is, of course, a nod to Sister Mary Corita Kent, the designer, artist, activist, and nun. From her legendary studio at the Immaculate Heart School, which was just a few blocks from the Hollywood street where we both lived when we first moved to LA, Sister Corita created a wondrously colorful graphic language that influenced generations of creatives in Los Angeles and beyond. Sister Corita taught us new ways to see the world and inspired us to discover the hidden beauty in Los Angeles, and she did it all with a powerful underlying message of love. I can’t wait to introduce Avery to her namesake’s legacy, starting with the piece that hangs above her as she naps in our living room. The timing couldn’t be better: There’s a huge Sister Corita retrospective opening at PMCA this summer.

As for becoming a mom, I think I was fully prepared for my life to change, but I really had no idea how dramatically my entire worldview would shift the moment I re-emerged from that hospital. I can’t wait to share the story of how she arrived. But for now, allow me to step away for just a moment to fall a little deeper in love.


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  • jen

    Congrats on your precious baby! I stumbled across your blog in search for good ways to see the hollywood sign – thank you for the tips! we are headed to LA in a week with our five little ones and seeking out a stellar view of the sign is a must for us, so fingers crossed your route still works! Also I noticed you are a fan of sister corita, love her!