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It’s been quiet here. A little TOO quiet. And that means I’ve got some explaining to do.

As you know my life has changed quite a bit since I started a gelato-themed repository for my thoughts. I got married, and I changed my name—not my real name, silly, the name of this blog—and, most importantly, I had a kid. The honest truth is that I fully believed I could hold down two full-time jobs (one being motherhood) while keeping all my fun side work going, too. What I quickly realized is that once I close my computer for the day, the last thing I want to do is write more at night or on the weekends. All I want to do is hang with my gal. Besides a handful of speaking engagements I’ll accept each year, and my nonprofit work for design east of La Brea and Los Angeles Walks, my side projects have been, well, sidelined. Including this blog that I love to write so much.

Another honest truth is that it’s been almost two years since I took a job as the Urbanism Editor at Gizmodo, where I’ve been able to write about pretty much everything I used to write about on this blog, and for a much bigger audience. So essentially I’ve been writing all my stories over at You can see all the stories I’ve written in the last two years.

But I miss writing this blog. As much as I love filing topical updates on Twitter and Instagram, I am very committed to the idea of having a Little Place on the Internet, especially in an age when so many writers are surrendering their homesteads. So I’ve made a plan to revitalize this site, and hopefully provide even more value to you, dear readers.

At the urging of several folks I trust better than myself to know what’s good for me, I’m going to launch a newsletter. The newsletter will contain at least four of the following things: Photos I took while walking, favorite stories written by me, favorite stories not written by me, events that I think are worth attending, and important things to know about LA. In addition to delivering an email to your inbox, the content of the newsletter will also be published here, as a way to keep my love for walking and LA all in one place. It’s not a perfect solution—but it’s something that’s different which I’m excited to do.

So, if you want in: Sign up here. Otherwise, just keep reading here as you have before. And if you have any thoughts about what you’d like in a newsletter—or a revitalized blog!—please let me know.

Thanks again for reading, wherever you might find my words—it means the world to me.

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