Words from my brain can now be found in these two books

Every once in awhile something I write makes its way into a book, which is sometimes (not always!) printed on actual pieces of paper. Here are the latest opportunities for you to read those words, both of which are also lovely compendiums of inspiring design work.

Pencil vs Pixel

Last year I was honored to be interviewed by the great Cesar Contreras for his web series Pencil vs Pixel. Cesar has interviewed dozens (and dozens and dozens) of folks from every edge of the creative universe over the years. What makes his interviews so great is not only the diversity of these voices but also how they all provide real-world advice on how they do what they do. Now you can get a book that includes the most salient bits of those conversations, including some tips from me about reinvention which I dole out alongside my own reinvention hero, Aaron Draplin. You can get the book for free by signing up for the Pencil vs Pixel email. Thanks to Cesar for including me!

Design for People

designforpeople_coverOver a decade ago I started writing for a magazine which would come to change the course of my writing career, and also managed the way people thought about magazines. That publication was GOOD, of course, and its designer was Scott Stowell, and it’s probably not surprising to learn that Scott and his firm Open ended up transforming their corner of the design world as well.

Scott and I ended up becoming great friends who ended up bonding over our insatiable need to explore and explain cities on foot, and this book is a lot like taking a long walk with Scott: It’s filled with very witty, insightful commentary on 12 of Open’s projects, all of which managed to make the world just a little bit better. I wrote a little essay which appears alongside the writing of Open’s clients and friends like Karrie Jacobs, Maira Kalman, and more. (I might mention my great friend Chappell Ellison also edited the book.) You may have already helped fund the book, so if so, thank you! If not, you should get this book for a designer in your life. Buy it here!

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