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Understanding “misunderstood LA”

The ongoing transformation of LA is something I get pretty enthusiastic about, so I was very excited when I got interviewed by The Guardian to share some of my favorite LA topics including bikes, buses, bougainvillea, The Big Parade, and hot … Continue reading

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The “not a good place for a bar crawl” bar crawl

“Los Angeles is not what you would call a bar town, and for all the obvious reasons. The region covers almost 5,000 square miles. While public transit does exist there — and taxis and Uber are thriving — it is … Continue reading

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The New Yorker needs more photos of LA

You may remember this image and some of the language below it from few months ago when the article “Leaving Los Angeles” received an impressive 629 points on the LA Haterating scale. Well, this week, The New Yorker published another article … Continue reading

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Haterating T Magazine’s “Where the Wild Things Are”

I’m on vacation. I may be in town today, but believe me, my brain is not here. Much like the rest of the country during these final, fleeting days of summer. I thought—rather naively, I suppose—I could take a few … Continue reading

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Haterating the “Most/Least Overrated Things in Los Angeles”

Now this, as George Bailey might say, is a very interesting situation. Here we have a pair of articles, one featuring the typical LA smack talk, and another with a point-by-point rebuttal—together they’re the ultimate Tastes Great-Less Filling for civic … Continue reading

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Haterating “The Californians: Karina Returns”

I was devastated when Kristen Wiig left Saturday Night Live last year because it meant the loss of one of most quotable SNL characters in recent memory. “Are you out of your MIND? The 405 will be totally JAMMED!” has … Continue reading

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Haterating “Leaving Los Angeles”

When I posted yesterday’s inaugural LA Haters post, I honestly thought it would be a series I’d add to maybe once or twice a month. Little did I know that more anti-LA vitriol was already seeping out of the internet … Continue reading

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My favorite stories from 2013

I know, I know—it’s practically 2015! But my week of visiting family for the holidays melted almost imperceptibly into a week in Vegas covering the Downtown Project for Gizmodo. And you know the rule: For each day in Vegas you … Continue reading

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Fit to print

We get the New York Times delivered to our doorstep every Sunday, but it was not so easy to track down a copy in Crested Butte, Colorado earlier this week. Around 9:00 a.m. I went to the place where they … Continue reading

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Eat My Words (and crickets): The trail of tacos

March is finally over which means my long taco-consuming journey has finally returned me home to Los Angeles. Oh yeah, there were some conferences in there, too, weren’t there? Don’t worry, I was able to tear myself away from the … Continue reading

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