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Signing off to get hitched

Look, we’re a brand! I guess it’s official. See you back here next week when I’m a married woman. See more on Instagram, where I’m @awalkerinLA

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Dad’s day

Now it’s dad’s turn. Last month I posted a photo of me and my mom, discovered while gathering photos for the wedding. Here’s my dad holding me 34 years ago, yet to me this photo looks like I’m being held … Continue reading

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Mom’s day

We’ve been going through a lot of photos for the wedding, and this one has to be one of my favorites. Amazing how they had these Instagram-quality photo filters back then! Me at two days old, with my mom, who looks … Continue reading

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‘Tis the season

Each year around this time my attention turns to a certain colorful creature that starts sprouting up all around town. And from the first day of spring until Easter, my Tumblr, Peep This, comes to life with marshmallowy inspiration. Here’s … Continue reading

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Sunset Triangle hit and run

Well, this is sad. This morning, Bruce Chan tipped me to possible vandalism or an accident at the Sunset Triangle, everyone’s favorite acid-washed polka-dot plaza. When I got there, some DOT folks were on the scene surveying the half-dozen tipped … Continue reading

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Based on how they spent their weekend, I think it’s safe to say that my parents are really excited we’re getting married. Those are red peppers for her lips, by the way. Update: Due to last night’s blizzard, the snowbride is … Continue reading

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11 Questions for 2012

My friend Gregory just tagged me in one of those chain letter-type posts where if you don’t answer 11 questions about yourself and forward it along to 11 more people someone close to you will be severely maimed in a … Continue reading

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My favorite stories of 2011

Last year on this day I posted my own version of a year-in-review with my 13 favorite stories of the year. (Why 13, everyone wanted to know? Was I superstitious? Unlucky? Honestly, it just worked out that way.) This year, … Continue reading

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While hiking on Christmas Day (IN THE SUNNY, 72° WEATHER) above Burbank we stumbled across this little tree all balled up for the holidays. We were so delighted to come across a festively dressed baby pine tucked into the canyon … Continue reading

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Christmas cookies

For the last few years I’ve been making dough ornaments to decorate our tree and give out as gifts. (Last year, you may remember, I used a new Williams-Sonoma cookie cutter set to make a Star Wars themed-tree.) The recipe … Continue reading

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