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A few weeks ago I hopped the pond for a week spent in a city that loves its pedestrians so much, it paints these little love letters to their safety all over town. And it loves its rain so much, … Continue reading

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The secret urban flower farm

When I received an assignment from Dwell to write about a special Los Angeles house, I felt like it was a story meant for me. The house was in one of those impossible, only-in-LA locations: a secret canyon in a … Continue reading

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Italian Scoops: Spritz!

Every vacation needs a signature cocktail. And the cocktail for our honeymoon was the Aperol Spritz. Or just Spritz, as we called it—a fizzy, citrusy, electric orange cocktail that pairs especially well with a swimming pool, as you can see. (I know … Continue reading

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Yes, it’s been hot

So hot I’ve taken to using popsicles instead of ice cubes. UPDATE: Related, beer with a michelada popsicle, served one block from my house. Taken with Instagram, where I’m @awalkerinLA

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Signing off to get hitched

Look, we’re a brand! I guess it’s official. See you back here next week when I’m a married woman. See more on Instagram, where I’m @awalkerinLA

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Red, white and blue

We had a pretty sweet Independence Day in the neighborhood. Hope you did, too. More photos like this one, which was taken with Instagram. Follow me won’t you? I’m @awalkerinLA

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Summer solstice

I spent the longest day of the year plucking produce out of the ground with my parents in Denver, where it’s forecast to reach 99 degrees today. After weeks of breezy June gloom in LA it’s like I got all … Continue reading

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Community kitchen

A few weeks ago I wrote a story for KCET Food about local food startups using Kickstarter to launch their businesses. One of the highlights was learning about Thank You for Coming, a combination food education center, cooking school, and … Continue reading

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Summer fever

It’s June 1 with no gloom in sight and I’m having some serious summer fever. Coincidentally, so is our garden, which exploded earlier this week with a bumper crop of summer squash. Confession: the little yellow gourds aren’t my favorite … Continue reading

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Day drinking

Sometimes you find yourself in a city (Cincinnati), take a walk through a neighborhood (Over-the-Rhine) and end up in a bar that used to be a wig shop (Japp’s). It couldn’t have been a more perfect afternoon.

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