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Come get a Taste of food and design

My dear friends at Design Observer are coming to LA, ostensibly to escape the frigid late winter on the East Coast, but also to throw a conference called Taste on Friday, February 12. I’m excited to be  a part of it and I’ll … Continue reading

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Next steps

It’s been quiet here. A little TOO quiet. And that means I’ve got some explaining to do. As you know my life has changed quite a bit since I started a gelato-themed repository for my thoughts. I got married, and … Continue reading

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Paved paradise

Ahh, the holidays, a great time to catch up on our reading. Little did I know that a story I casually picked up one evening would ruin the rest of my vacation. As I read “Between the Lines,” a story … Continue reading

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Frank Lloyd Wine

I could tell this morning by the way it smelled outside. The air is crisp, the fires are (almost) out, and summer is over. Which led me to reflect on one of my favorite activities of the past summer: Silverlake … Continue reading

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Thought for food

Why, oh, why do I get so excited when design and food collide? Redesign Your Farmers Market is a new contest co-sponsored by lots of my favorite places, including GOOD, The Architect’s Newspaper, The Urban & Environmental Policy Institute, and … Continue reading

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Street Walker: March of justice

Last Friday, I finally got called down to the courthouse for my first jury summons in 31 years. I took the bus (of course) downtown, arriving at 7:30am as ordered, ready to shuffle slowly through the metal detector with 100 … Continue reading

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Purple haze

Right around Memorial Day, LA emits this otherworldly purple glow. The jacarandas bloom and give way to June Gloom, I thought as I was walking home yesterday, spotting sprays of lavender splotched randomly like graffiti tagging the hillsides. It’s LA’s … Continue reading

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Eat My Words: Mother truckers

From the way some—okay, all—publications are covering LA’s mobile dining scene lately, you probably think we’re spending three hours per night waiting in line for tacos served with kimchi and an oDD prediLection for speLLing woRds with randoM capitaLiZed LetteRs. … Continue reading

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Eat My Words: Watts up

It’s a fact that’s almost too scandalous for me to admit:  In my almost eight years in LA I had never been to the Watts Towers. So when I got assigned one of LA Weekly‘s People issue profiles (an annual … Continue reading

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On Today’s DnA: Relevance vs. Extravagance

Tomorrow is, symbolically at least, an interesting day. For those of us who have working credit cards and travel budgets, it’s the launch of the Milan furniture fair. And of course for the rest of us, it’s Earth Day. With … Continue reading

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