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Birds of Hollywood

I don’t know about you, but this is what I wake up to every morning. It starts at 7am in a nearby eucalyptus tree, swells to a fever pitch an hour later and then fades to a random chirp by … Continue reading

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Eat My Words: Thinking outside the wine in a box

It’s been awhile since I did one of these so I’m a little behind in my articles; forgive me, please. But this piece on wine packaging in the June issue of Fast Company was one of my favorites to write. … Continue reading

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Staten Island fairly

Visiting Staten Island is a secret NY journey you must experience to appreciate the city. For one, it starts with a free cruise through the sparkling blue waters of New York Bay, a body of water rivaled only by the … Continue reading

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Berry fun

The mulberry trees that grow all over New York are ripening right about now. You can tell because the sidewalks below them are covered in dark purple polka dots. After I picked a bunch it looked like I’d escaped the … Continue reading

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Steamy Central Park

I swear, it was like a rainforest in Central Park yesterday. Everything is blooming. When the sun cut through the clouds the ground sizzled. The Sheep Meadow was covered in hundreds of robins. All hopping around, chirping and snacking. This … Continue reading

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Waterfalls while water falls

Isn’t it amazing? I snapped these shots of water falling at several locations in Brooklyn today. Oh, and also, Olafur Eliasson’s Waterfalls were switched on. As soon as I started riding over there it started pouring. As the rain pelted … Continue reading

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A GOOD party

One of my favorite magazines both to write for and about, GOOD, had a party last weekend here in NY. The theme was greenmarket gourmet! All the vendors were so cute and of course gave us many, many samples. It … Continue reading

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Project Runyon: Now blooming in Hollywood

For the last 15 days an amazing technicolor stream of fluids has poured forth from every orifice on my head. After living here for six springs with nary a sneeze, suddenly Los Angeles, a place I believed I was immune … Continue reading

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To see every stair in Silver Lake

I was thrilled to see this story by Janet Cromley in today’s LA Times, “StairMaster with a view: Hiking the stairways of Echo Park, Silver Lake.” Not just because finding and hiking the stairways in my neck of Hollywood has … Continue reading

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Fritz Haeg and his Edible Estates are delicious

Everyone’s got Fritz Fever! You’ll remember we had Fritz Haeg on DnA last month, and since then a bunch of other pieces have popped up about the author of the new book Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn. First … Continue reading

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