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LAX: On not seeing stars

After ten years in LA you might say that I have learned to be a good Angeleno. I say “freeway” now instead of my midwestern “highway.” I don’t complain about the piles of ripe, juicy oranges falling off our trees … Continue reading

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LAX: Celebrating ten years in LA

In ten days I will turn 34. Although some—Hallmark, Facebook—might consider the fact that I have managed to spend 34 years on this earth to be some incredible accomplishment, this date coincides with what I think is a far more … Continue reading

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Sunset for the junction?

Update: The Board of Public Works denied the permit on August 24, canceling the festival. For the past 30 years my neighborhood has hosted a street festival called Sunset Junction, which is also a nickname for the nearest major intersection to my … Continue reading

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Home sweet dome

Emerging from yet another camping stint along the coast, we’ve finally found wifi (and showers! and laundry!). And I come bearing photos. My shots from the Yosemite-Kings Canyon-Sequoia leg of our tour can be found here. I hope to add … Continue reading

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Upper Yosemite

Heading up to the top of those falls (the tallest in North America at 2425 feet!), and beyond. See you in a few days!

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What to show mom in LA

My mom and aunt were here for the past week and I was thrilled to have a chance to show them my Los Angeles. No, we didn’t step foot on the beach or attempt to see the Hollywood sign or … Continue reading

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Fountain for one

It’s going to be 96 degrees in downtown today. Probably the hottest day of the year so far. As I was stumbling around downtown the other day on my way to a meeting for the Moving Beyond Cars event, I … Continue reading

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Summer places

For the last two weeks I traded sidewalks for rivers, a two-bedroom house for a two-person tent, and public transit for a rental car (yes, which I drove hundreds of miles without incident, thank you very much). Along the way … Continue reading

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I’ll be at the pool

Summer finally showed up here in LA—complete with thunderstorms and humidity—just in time for me to get out of town. I’ll be on the road for a bit, hopefully filling my Flickr and Twitter streams with lots of adventures. Until … Continue reading

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The de LaB Manifesto (in rhyme)

I’m still buzzing from the amazing response to last weekend’s City Listening II (and the success of the Dwell on Design conference, and the fun of emceeing the LABC’s Los Angeles Architectural Awards…I’m telling you, it was quite a week!). … Continue reading

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