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Rolling out

I’m heading off on a few adventures—judging the Sappi Ideas That Matter awards, catching up with family, and road-tripping through the western third of the country—so posting will be slow or nonexistent for a spell. Enjoy your summer!

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Going along for the ride

Last Friday I decided to embark upon an extreme transportation adventure to cover the final Extreme IDEAS event for UCLA’s Architecture and Urban Design School (you can read my recaps of their other events here). The event was held at the … Continue reading

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Garcetti, give us bike share!

Last week I visited Denver for my sister’s marriage to a dashing young pre-med student. On the Thursday before the ceremony, the ladies took the bride out, hitting up a series of bars on South Broadway. As the clock edged … Continue reading

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Best thing I’ve seen all day

I’ve been meaning to post this thing for a few days now. How far we’ve come! Just looking at it makes me happy. And not just because it has so many pretty colors now.

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On the road again…

I spend most of my weekends on sidewalks, streets and other assorted variations on pavement (okay, and sometimes on a river), but last weekend I was especially road-bound. First, here’s me at our Los Angeles Walks fundraiser, walking the crosswalk red … Continue reading

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Kayaking in my neighborhood

I’m having a lot of “I’d never thought I’d see the day” days lately in LA. Like the day I rode my bike on 15 car-free miles of Venice Boulevard to the ocean, for example. Or the day when I saw … Continue reading

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The Medium is the message

As a kind of post-CicLAvia/pre-Bike Week commemoration, I published my first piece over on Medium this week, which happens to be about biking. Medium is a new platform for reading and writing and I couldn’t be more excited to use … Continue reading

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I’m on “Los Angeles Nista” tonight!

You remember Eddie Solis, don’t you? The car-free rocker who wrote a love song to LA subways (above) and penned an ode to taking transit for my Studio 360 piece. Well, HE has a radio show, too, and I’m going … Continue reading

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Have a multimodal CicLAvia

Usually, when I’m begging you to come on an adventure with me, it’s something wacky, like up 100 staircases or down a dark subterranean tunnel. This time, it’s easy and accessible—it’s CicLAvia! Our now-three-times-a-year open streets festival is this Sunday, when 15 … Continue reading

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Transit heaven

I’ve spent the last few days riding the Matterhorn railway (Which is a real thing! Not just at Disneyland!) and I think I’m in love. Not only does Swiss transit always run on time, it goes everywhere in the country—even … Continue reading

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