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East of What

It’s a debate as old as time. Or at least as old as Intelligentsia. Some people insist upon calling a large swath of Los Angeles “the Eastside,” which other people don’t think is actually “the Eastside.” This debate has raged … Continue reading

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Happy December! I’m snapping a photo of Christmas lights every evening until the big night. I did this last year and it was one of the highlights of the holiday season. But this year I’ve got a #HASHTAG. I thought … Continue reading

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Pharrell proves LA is not only walkable… it’s danceable

I might as well just give the part of my brain in charge of hearing over to Pharrell since he practically dominated it all year with the song of the spring, the song of the summer, and now the song … Continue reading

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What to do about those Silver Lake “newcomers”

Like many of my neighbors, I was shaken by the news that someone was murdered early Wednesday evening near a place where I walk a few times a week. 78-year-old Joseph Gatto, the father of state Assemblyman Mike Gatto, was likely … Continue reading

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Happy Walktober

Guess what time of year it is? Well, yes, it’s decorative gourd season motherfuckers, but it’s also Walktober! And that means lots of walking events all over LA (and the country), ending with the year’s best holiday for walking… Halloween! … Continue reading

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Nine miles, 232 years

As alluded to earlier on this very blog, this week was LA’s birthday. To celebrate, I joined the Los Pobladores walk from the San Gabriel Mission to El Pueblo to recreate the (perhaps largely symbolic) walk the city’s founders took … Continue reading

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Another ride around the sun

I’m back! Rested, restored, tanned, toned, snappy, happy, and ready to coast into my next year. Thanks to everyone for sticking around for the fun. The future’s so bright…

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Angels Landing

While driving home from Colorado we veered slightly off the 15 and stumbled upon the adventure wonderland that is Zion National Park. I had driven through the area several times a decade before and thought for certain I’d been to … Continue reading

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LA’s birthday party is always held on foot

Although we’ve got quite the reputation as a young city, Los Angeles is no civic spring chicken. El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles del Río de Porciúncula was founded in 1781, making her 232 this year—older than … Continue reading

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Join me for a Silver Lake walking tour October 19!

I mentioned this walk a few weeks back when I was writing about my experience at CAMP, but I’m so excited about it that I wanted to post it again with an update of all the cool people and places … Continue reading

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