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Happy December! I’m snapping a photo of Christmas lights every evening until the big night. I did this last year and it was one of the highlights of the holiday season. But this year I’ve got a #HASHTAG. I thought … Continue reading

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Pharrell proves LA is not only walkable… it’s danceable

I might as well just give the part of my brain in charge of hearing over to Pharrell since he practically dominated it all year with the song of the spring, the song of the summer, and now the song … Continue reading

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A dozen years, right here

I moved to LA 12 years ago today, which makes today my LAnniversary. Another notable milestone: My time here as a car-free Angeleno is now longer than I’ve lived here as a driver. Six years, baby! Have a great weekend!

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Seeing the city from the ground up

As longtime readers of this blog are well-aware, one of my favorite parts about walking around Los Angeles is documenting its little moments as witnessed from the pedestrian’s perspective. So I was very excited when Los Angeles Magazine—for whom I … Continue reading

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Stars and stripes forever

And how was your long weekend? More signs by my talented husband (going fast!) at Update: Look at that, I can embed Instagram videos now…

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Happy 4th!

Who knew our streets were so patriotic? Have a great long weekend!

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Walking Wilshire

When I moved to Los Angeles over a decade ago, the only Wilshire I knew was the one I’d drive to get to Santa Monica: traveling through Beverly Hills’ tourist-trodden retail and Westwood’s Condo Canyon until it dead-ended at the … Continue reading

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In the pink

Soooooo ridiculously behind in posting photos from recent events (Dodger Stadium tour! CAMP! Meeting my new nephew! My trip to France and Switzerland!) but I just came across these on this particularly gloomy morning and had to get them posted … Continue reading

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On the road again…

I spend most of my weekends on sidewalks, streets and other assorted variations on pavement (okay, and sometimes on a river), but last weekend I was especially road-bound. First, here’s me at our Los Angeles Walks fundraiser, walking the crosswalk red … Continue reading

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The purple ones

It’s that time of year again. Sit back and let the lavender wave wash over you as you read my love letter to jacarandas, originally written as a .Mac page in 2005. It’s vintage.

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