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Next steps

It’s been quiet here. A little TOO quiet. And that means I’ve got some explaining to do. As you know my life has changed quite a bit since I started a gelato-themed repository for my thoughts. I got married, and … Continue reading

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Bosom Buddies invented Parking Day

One of my favorite things about living in Los Angeles is looking back at the shows and movies I grew up with and realizing how many of them were filmed in LA. Something I might have watched a million times … Continue reading

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Watch my Pencil vs. Pixel interview

As a professional question-asker, I love meeting people who have good questions to ask me. Cesar Contreras is one of those people, so I was honored to be featured on the latest episode of his web series, Pencil vs. Pixel. … Continue reading

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City lights

“It was an nightly adventure that took me to almost every angle of Los Angeles,” filmmaker Colin Rich tells The Creators Project. “It was an exercise in patience. A lesson in light. An understanding of what it is to live … Continue reading

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Getting L.A. to grow up

One of the best moments in the new movie Her is watching Joaquin Phoenix ride an elevated train through a Los Angeles of the near-future, dance through a bustling station (actually the Hollywood/Western Red Line station), and emerge at the … Continue reading

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City Walking

City Walk is a new show on KCET all about how a renewed focus on walking is transforming cities across the country. It’s kind of like a skate video—beautiful footage, urban locations, trippy music—but instead of people doing kickflips in public … Continue reading

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Haterating “The Californians: Karina Returns”

I was devastated when Kristen Wiig left Saturday Night Live last year because it meant the loss of one of most quotable SNL characters in recent memory. “Are you out of your MIND? The 405 will be totally JAMMED!” has … Continue reading

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Sound City, USA

A long time ago I had another life working at a production house where I made some of the very best friends I’ll ever make (and threw some of the wildest parties I’ll never remember). Many of those people have … Continue reading

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The Super American Sport Score Zone Room

While you were sitting down, drinking beer, mainlining guacamole last Sunday, a pair of artists were feverishly interpreting the Super Bowl in real time at an undisclosed location (okay, Eagle Rock). Brian Rea and Keith Scharwath documented the scores, the … Continue reading

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I found a new toy

Palms three ways. — Alissa Walker (@gelatobaby) January 28, 2013 Walking will never be the same. Follow me on Vine.

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