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Rose bowling

“Do you think it’s a problem that every time we’re together we buy stuff?” My friend Sonja was concerned as we navigated the pastel canyons of vintage dresses. I looked at us, each balancing a produce basket on our hip … Continue reading

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The de LaB Manifesto (in rhyme)

I’m still buzzing from the amazing response to last weekend’s City Listening II (and the success of the Dwell on Design conference, and the fun of emceeing the LABC’s Los Angeles Architectural Awards…I’m telling you, it was quite a week!). … Continue reading

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A box of gelato

This falls under the category of truly amazing: Austrian designer Gottfried Mangione actually captured the entire unboxing of his Gelatobaby Patch (as well as other assorted bonus prizes, as you can see.) Do you want one? Think about your ideal … Continue reading

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Eat My Words: Sneaker freak

How come in all of my journalism classes, none of my professors ever mentioned that in addition to all the perks of the writing life—like, you know, uncovering rampant corruption or being an advocate for human rights, blah blah blah—how … Continue reading

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Eat My Words (for real): Some Alexandra Grant Love

As regular readers of this blog know, I never, ever make mistakes. Except for that one time, but the authorities were never able to prove I was solely at fault. And besides, a few of those kids said they liked … Continue reading

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Licks of love

I’m especially psyched for this especially long weekend and, my, what a weekend it will be: Friday the 13th, Valentine’s Day and President’s Day all in a row! In all my haste to bake a cake of Abraham Lincoln in … Continue reading

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The greatest love of all

In case anyone has been fretting about what to get me this Valentine’s Day, stop your shopping and just buy me this. I think I’d probably wear a medium? You’ll have to trust me about the fact that I didn’t … Continue reading

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Eat My Words: Princess of silkscreening power

My younger sister Beth and I have birthdays five short days apart. The last week of August holds some of the giddiest anticipation of the year, as I ship off her gift then wait to see what delectable goodness will … Continue reading

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Virginia Postrel and Kate Coe go Deep

Two of the smartest writers in town, Virginia Postrel and Kate Coe, are now collaborating on Deep Glamour, a blog that explores glamour “in its many manifestations, from movies, fashion, and advertising to real estate, politics, and sports.” You might … Continue reading

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Come on everybody, let’s jump in the pool!

Even though I’m stuck inside playing a neverending game of Tetris with my possessions, it just got triumphantly sunny and warm after a few too many days of early-onset May Gray. And since I’m packing up for a few months … Continue reading

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