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Riding on the Expo

The Expo Line opened this past weekend, and while I didn’t get back in town in time for the opening celebrations (or free fares!) I did get to ride it as part of a press preview a few weeks back. … Continue reading

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Come to Dwell on Design & City Listening this weekend!

Update: In all the fabulosity of Saturday night, I screwed up and neglected to post the winning raffle tickets for our eight door prizes. If you were at City Listening and had a raffle ticket, check here to see if … Continue reading

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Angels Flight

Yesterday I had to quickly go downtown to do some research for a story. It was supposed to rain, and even though it never did, the air still had that crisp, post-rain feeling that made everything snap into focus. I … Continue reading

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Eat My Words: East LA from the Gold Line

I could not be more excited about being one of the first people to hitch a preview ride today on the Gold Line Eastside Extension, a brand-new rail line for LA which will officially chug out of Union Station this … Continue reading

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Flavor of the Week: Springy

Before he made Labyrinth: Easily the most incredible thing I saw all week, possibly all year. Jim Henson’s Commercials & Experiments was screened as part of Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theater. Thanks to YouTube you can organize a mini-screening … Continue reading

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Eat My Words: The New Dwell

Now that I have a blog with comments (!!!), I’m happy to send you towards my writing published elsewhere to hear what you think. Give it a read. Maybe we can discuss how wrong I am. In my Eavesdrop column … Continue reading

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