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Berry fun

The mulberry trees that grow all over New York are ripening right about now. You can tell because the sidewalks below them are covered in dark purple polka dots. After I picked a bunch it looked like I’d escaped the … Continue reading

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Churches of Harlem

It seems like there’s some ginormous neo-Gothic church on every other corner in Harlem. But I liked these little churches that are tucked into the blocks. You’ll see a lot of the brownstone churches painted white like this to show … Continue reading

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Steamy Central Park

I swear, it was like a rainforest in Central Park yesterday. Everything is blooming. When the sun cut through the clouds the ground sizzled. The Sheep Meadow was covered in hundreds of robins. All hopping around, chirping and snacking. This … Continue reading

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Little Brooklyn

When I lived in Hollywood my address was followed by 1/2. Everyone always asked, what does that mean, you got half of an apartment? You know, like a John Malkovich kind of thing. The houses located on Dennett Place in … Continue reading

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Ten songs I sing in my head while walking around New York

A lot of people have asked me what I’m listening to as I walk around New York. The answer is nothing, because I prefer the rapturous sound of the city. But I realized today there are some songs that keep … Continue reading

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We all scream

Andean raspberry and corn (yes, corn!) from Cones. They put a little dusting of cinnamon on the corn. This is the real deal. Hazelnut and coffee at Sal’s in Carroll Gardens. Where they don’t need those pretty cups or spoons, … Continue reading

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What Chris Burden gave me

As I’ve mentioned here before, I love love love the work of Chris Burden. This is his latest installation at Rockefeller Center, What My Father Gave Me. Yes, it is a model of the GE Building, rendered in over a … Continue reading

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Rockefeller Plaza

The signage at Rockefeller Plaza is probably some of the most amazing lettering I’ve ever seen in my life. Commendably, it looks like they’ve managed to keep a lot of it intact. The escalators are old and super tiny, and … Continue reading

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It happened in New York

I see things all the time and I’m so shocked they’re happening I forget to take a picture. Like when this cement truck rolled by. Have you ever seen one so beautifully decorated? It wasn’t even owned by Wonder Bread. … Continue reading

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Soft Serve

I was intrigued by the “sour, like it should be” frozen yogurt at Zabar’s—Dude! How come no one told me about Zabar’s?—and my sample was much better than Pinkberry, like it should be. But I got the frozen custard instead … Continue reading

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