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Designers as Storytellers: How to create awesome design content

I jetted down to Sarasota, Florida last week for the Sarasota Design Summit to launch the next iteration of GOOD Design, GOOD Design Sarasota, an eight-week program with Ringling College of Art & Design students that’s focusing on water. The … Continue reading

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Artsy media frenzy descends on Vegas

I’m in Vegas this week for the opening of CityCenter, the megadevelopment that’s radically transforming the Strip. I’ve written a few stories for Fast Company so far about the project itself and the architects behind it, but I think the … Continue reading

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On Today’s DnA: Relevance vs. Extravagance

Tomorrow is, symbolically at least, an interesting day. For those of us who have working credit cards and travel budgets, it’s the launch of the Milan furniture fair. And of course for the rest of us, it’s Earth Day. With … Continue reading

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Eat My Words (and crickets): The trail of tacos

March is finally over which means my long taco-consuming journey has finally returned me home to Los Angeles. Oh yeah, there were some conferences in there, too, weren’t there? Don’t worry, I was able to tear myself away from the … Continue reading

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Just a reminder that I’m coming to you from Austin, Texas until Tuesday where I’ll be covering SXSW, which this year stands for Seattle x Siberian Winter (it is currently a rainy 41 degrees). Thanks to my friends at Fast … Continue reading

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Eat My Words: The Oakley Thunderdome

Among my favorite pieces to write are the Space Shot stories for Fast Company, in which I get to infiltrate some corporate headquarters and get the lowdown on a company’s quirky work culture. For this particular assignment to visit Oakley‘s … Continue reading

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Eat My Words: Thinking outside the wine in a box

It’s been awhile since I did one of these so I’m a little behind in my articles; forgive me, please. But this piece on wine packaging in the June issue of Fast Company was one of my favorites to write. … Continue reading

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Eat My Words: Patagonia treads lightly

I’ve been waiting to write about outdoor apparel company Patagonia pretty much all my life. My parents packed me in the stuff for my first ski lesson, and ever since, I ‘ve managed to stay extremely faithful to their products. … Continue reading

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