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Bobak Ferdowsi: Life on Mars

Yesterday I posted some background on my LA Weekly People Issue story about Margot Ocañas, the city’s new pedestrian coordinator. Today, I’d like you to meet my other interview subject, Bobak Ferdowsi. But you probably know him better as Mohawk Guy, the … Continue reading

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Margot Ocañas: Walking the walk

Some of my favorite assignments, hands down, are for the LA Weekly’s People Issue, the annual glossy-covered edition featuring the city’s most fascinating Angelenos. This year I wrote two profiles, and they’re both such special People (with a capital P) … Continue reading

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Cover story

I’ve written before about the glory of writing for the LA Weekly: Since it’s free and available virtually anywhere, you quite literally will see it on every single block in Los Angeles. What I wasn’t expecting when I wrote this … Continue reading

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Pointy boots

The very best part about doing what I do is when I get to learn something new. Which, luckily, happens almost every day. For my latest LA Weekly story I headed out to East LA to review the MexiCali Biennial, … Continue reading

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My favorite stories of 2012 (and 5 stories I want to write in 2013)

Well, folks, it’s that time of year again. Actually, it’s a little past that time of year, but since my vacation fell during the time when I’m usually filing my year-in-review post, I gave myself a small grace period. Besides, … Continue reading

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Beating the heat

A little over two years ago, I wrote a post about a downtown fountain on a 96-degree day: In two years, this fountain will sit like a crown on a ribbon of green that reaches from here to City Hall, the … Continue reading

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Making bike-friendliness official

Last weekend I finally got to ride the new improvements on Yucca Street that make it the city’s first bike-friendly street. In my story for the LA Weekly, I note how planners and engineers used anecdotal evidence from cyclists like me … Continue reading

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Double header

I have two stories in this week’s LA Weekly, which means I get my name in ALL CAPS on the table of contents—twice! First, I test-drove various art and culture apps with the goal of discovering new art and artists … Continue reading

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Riding on the Expo

The Expo Line opened this past weekend, and while I didn’t get back in town in time for the opening celebrations (or free fares!) I did get to ride it as part of a press preview a few weeks back. … Continue reading

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Frank Gehry, architectural badass

Yes, I would say that getting to meet Frank Gehry last night was one of the highlights of my architectural writing career. How about the fact that he was even more funny and witty and off-the-cuff than I expected him … Continue reading

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