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LAX: How I gave up my car (yes, in LA!)

Today I’m posting my story that’s featured as a video in the current exhibition Rethink LA: Perspectives on a Future City. The show closes at the A+D Museum this Sunday, so if you’d like to see the video in person, head over … Continue reading

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LAX: You’re ugly, LA

For the first nine years I lived in LA I was at war with a driving range. I have nothing against golf, mind you. Rather I hated the bloated bubble of green mesh that contained the driving range, a ragged … Continue reading

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LAX: Sunny, much to my dismay

I’ll go ahead and apologize ahead of time to those of you suffering from a late-summer heatwave, the aftermath of Irene, early morning drizzle. This is going to be a story about what everyone says doesn’t exist in LA: weather. … Continue reading

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LAX: 10 shots of the city

Starting with a Canon Rebel (that used actual film!) to the Leica D-LUX 4 that I usually wear around my neck, a camera has been a near-constant presence in my life during my ten years in LA. Over 10,000 photos, mostly shot … Continue reading

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LAX: The best bar in LA

Contrary to what you might be thinking, this photo, shot by one Keith Scharwath, was not taken on Halloween. When Keith snapped it with his iPhone, I had absolutely no idea what was going on behind me. But really, it was no different … Continue reading

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LAX: Getting out of town

Today’s LAX post will be a bit different, since I’m parked poolside in Palm Springs for my friend Sonja’s bachelorette party. And that’s the thing. Over the last ten years, I’ve often found myself far, far away from my beloved … Continue reading

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LAX: Taking the stairs

This is an LA story I’ve told so many times, in so many forms, over and over on this blog that some of you might already be sighing in exasperation… Oh god, not another story about the stairs. Again? You … Continue reading

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LAX: On not seeing stars

After ten years in LA you might say that I have learned to be a good Angeleno. I say “freeway” now instead of my midwestern “highway.” I don’t complain about the piles of ripe, juicy oranges falling off our trees … Continue reading

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LAX: Celebrating ten years in LA

In ten days I will turn 34. Although some—Hallmark, Facebook—might consider the fact that I have managed to spend 34 years on this earth to be some incredible accomplishment, this date coincides with what I think is a far more … Continue reading

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