Journalism wins!

A fitting coda to the McCain/Palin Anti-Media Campaign, from my friend Khoi who works at the New York Times:

Just a few minutes ago, some of my colleagues noticed a line forming out in front of the Times Building. People are queuing up to buy already scarce copies of today’s newspaper, presumably as mementos of the historic election of Barack Obama to the office of President of the United States.

Before shooting this picture from the street, I ran down to a lower floor where I could get a look from overhead and got this picture. People working on that floor hadn’t noticed yet that the line was forming, and when they realized its purpose, a feeling of delight swept over the newsroom like the friendliest wildfire I’d ever seen. Reporters, editors, photographers, everyone started clapping, hooting and hollering that people still find the newspaper valuable enough to wait dozens of people deep in line for their chance to buy a copy.

I’ve heard from a few other people that papers everywhere have been hard to come upon today—my friend Elaine just sent over an eBay listing where someone’s selling their NYT copy for $19.99!

On big news days like this I always check the Newseum‘s Today’s Front Page site, with front pages of over 450 newspapers worldwide. I think I like the LA Times’It’s Obama” (with a very pretty new masthead) over the NYTObama,” but check out the Chicago Tribune’s full-color, full-page, “Our next president.”  Predictably, the site’s moving exceptionally slow today…another funny sign of our times, I guess:  People swarming past the updated-to-the-minute newspaper websites to see how today was laid out in print last night.

Update: The NYT is running the presses again.

Update to update: Wow, this is crazy. I’m hearing reports that many, many major newspapers are printing and distributing more copies and/or printing commemorative editions of today’s paper. It’s like a fundraising drive for the journalism industry!

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