Liveblogging Dwell on Design today!


On this bittersweet morning—I just walked by the Grammy Museum where the staff was placing a memoriam outside and preparing for big crowds—the show must go on, and we’ll all do our best to make Michael proud (one look at Neverland Ranch would confirm he was an avid fan of home design). After writing over at about many of the speakers, exhibitions and events for the last six weeks or so, I’ll be liveblogging the Dwell on Design conference at today. If you’re here, come say hi. We can reminisce about our favorite Michael Jackson song.

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  • Steve Portigal

    Wow, the empty stage with the empty chairs might signify anticipation for the wonderful event that is about to unfold but with your linking the day to sadness of a loss, there’s more than a bit of poignancy there.

  • Marie

    Just came back from Dwell on Design and gotta say that Matt Locke was a HUGE standout! That guy is amazing and super talented. I can’t wait to see more of him!