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A few weeks ago I hopped the pond for a week spent in a city that loves its pedestrians so much, it paints these little love letters to their safety all over town.

Rain Room

And it loves its rain so much, it created an entire room to experience it inside.

Rain Room


Pourable Sunshine with rain outside

The rain actually wasn’t that bad. It was nothing that a little pourable sunshine couldn’t fix.

Pub life.

Or a pint. Or 10.

New Jersey firetruck in London.

I spent a fantastic day hopping around London with friends, checking out the art and architecture.


And of course, the food. We visited Borough Market, where they use pheasants for holiday decorations.

Neal's Dairy Yard cheese

And where the cheese was as big as stumps of birch.

Oysters with Jake

And the oysters… there are actually no words for these oysters.

3Bis gelato

I had gelato on a roll.

Mozzarella in a cone.

And mozzarella on a cone.

A vampire, a nun and a cheerleader walk into a pub...

Later, I got to share a few of my utterly American traditions with a British audience.

Downtown Abbey in London!

Of course, they reciprocated with a fair cultural exchange. The new season of Downton Abbey on TV!


Yes, London is made for walking.

Love the fabric on the Tube, plus matching hat

And when I got tired, there was the Tube, the glorious Tube, where even the discarded hats seemed to matched the decor.

Tube dress on London streets

And speaking of Tube decor, I was most excited to wear my London Underground dress in London.

Which I did for my Wired 2012 talk on the future of transportation. The conference was fantastic, and you can read a recap of my talk over on Wired UK as well as recaps from other speakers as well.

About to perform with my new girl band The London Undergrounds. @brainpicker  @curiousoctopus

As you can see, my love for London was so strong, it was contagious.

More photos here; photo from Wired 2012 by Nate Lanxon

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