Where to shop for him in downtown LA

Not that I condone anything to associated with the sick institution of Black Friday (except maybe the urban camping part), HOWEVER, I do realize that at some point during the next 30 days or so you’ll want to buy some stuff, nice stuff, stuff that’s made with love and responsible materials, and—maybe, hopefully—stuff that’s produced right here in the U.S. of A.

With that in mind, I pounded the pavement of downtown Los Angeles for Details to seek out stores where you wouldn’t be at all ashamed to be caught spending your hard-earned cash. And voila, my shopping guide to downtown LA has been published in the November issue, perfectly timed to the holiday season/free-for-all.

Since it’s for a men’s magazine my shop choices do skew towards males, but there’s something for everyone at all these stores, and—the best part—they all sell their wares online, too. PLUS, if you’re not celebrating commercialism this year, my picks also function as a great downtown walking  tour, with plenty of my favorite places for food and drink listed as well. Check it out here. Happy shopping!

Excited to see my guide to Downtown LA men's shopping in this month's @Details!

Top photo: Apolis; bottom photo: Fuzzy shot of the print magazine captured at the airport with Instagram, where I’m @awalkerinLA

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