Throwback Thursday

At a young age, she developed a taste for Western wear... and beer. #tbt

In my post wrapping up 2012, I mentioned one of my favorite new tools: Instagram. As I’ll be the first to admit, I was extremely hesitant to join. Why did I need to share my photos somewhere else? I already uploaded all the good ones to Flickr. And why would I want filters named things like “Valencia” and “Walden” to make my photos look dingy and out-of-focus? I worked hard using apps (mostly Camera+ and Mixel) to make my iPhone photos look better than a yellowed Polaroid.

But after I eventually did join (for a story I was working on, actually) I started to see what was really exciting about Instagram: its extremely vibrant and active community. As I’ve mentioned a few times when I’ve given talks about walking, documenting the triumphs (and trials) of pedestrian life is the best way to get other people on their feet and I truly feel as if Instagram is a crucial tool to help illustrate what it’s like to walk in LA (or any city). Now, with so many of my friends posting photos of their walks and the interesting things they see along the way, it’s almost like Instagram pushes me to notice and discover more as I’m walking through the city.

Of course Instagram is just plain fun, too. There are little assignments you can give yourself, like Throwback Thursday or #tbt, when everyone posts ridiculously cute or horrifically embarrassing photos of their younger selves. You can see the one I posted today up top.

My one beef with Instagram, however, is the squared-off format. I get particularly annoyed when I’m trying to post something RECTANGULAR that refuses to adhere to their dimensions. Like this image of me on the cover of Seventeen that I posted last Thursday. It was fun to post on Instagram, but here I can show you the big picture.

Thanks to my dad for sending me my long lost “cover girl” debut. You can follow me on Instagram at @awalkerinLA

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  • Jamie Mulhern

    Try using whitagram. it’s a photo app that puts white bars on your photo to make it square so nothing gets cropped out.

  • Alissa

    Nice, thanks Jamie!