Have a multimodal CicLAvia

Everyone walks in LA!

Usually, when I’m begging you to come on an adventure with me, it’s something wacky, like up 100 staircases or down a dark subterranean tunnel. This time, it’s easy and accessible—it’s CicLAvia! Our now-three-times-a-year open streets festival is this Sunday, when 15 miles of streets will be closed to cars from downtown to the Pacific Ocean. Most of us look at that stretch of pure unadulterated pavement and think OMG BIKES, and yes, CicLAvia’s an event that’s become largely known for biking. But to me, CicLAvia is the one time where we can do anything (legal) on the car-free streets—one year I helped organize a Reyner Banham book club meeting on 7th, for example. So that’s why I’m making the most of this Sunday by enjoying CicLAvia on foot, bus and bike. Join me for one of my modes, or plan your own multimodal day!

Walk: Join me and the great Bob Inman for a Westside WalkLAvia with Los Angeles Walks. We’ll be starting at 10:00 am at the Culver City Expo Line station and walking five miles to Venice, with an option to continue on with Bob for a canal walk and return through Mar Vista. All details here; map of route hereFacebook invite here. If you’re more of the running type, the L.A.Leggers, a marathon training group, are holding a 5K run/walk to honor Boston.

Bus: The most magical part of this CicLAvia’s route is that buses will be running as usual down the other side of Venice. So once I get to the beach, I’ll get to take one of those 33 or 733 buses (I’m dubbing them the “CicLAvia Express”) back up Venice. The Expo Line is also an easy way to access lots of the route, as is the Red Line. And I’ll be boarding my transit with a limited edition CicLAvia TAP card that can be purchased at any CicLAvia hub for $20, with proceeds going to CicLAvia. All the cool kids are getting one.

Bike: In the afternoon, I’ll be riding my trusty Public Bike along the route back home to Silver Lake, through some of my favorite neighborhoods. Will you be biking there, too? Where’s a good place to meet up? I can think of no better way to end a multimodal day than with a multicocktail happy hour.

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