Desert caravan

Signs that say nothing
Foot and hoof traffic only.
Home on the range
Somewhere on Mars. #desertcaravan2013
All we need for the night
Room with a view.
Our cloud
Too hot to be around
Casey's golf project
Hilda in circles
AngelLight saber
Late night fire
First glimpse of sun
Weed Its Good 4 U
Miles of flat
Joshua treesBig Bear swimming
And now for something completely different.
Little guy
Second lake of the day

Our initial destination was a secret spot in the desert, an off-brand Joshua Tree without the crowds. But because it was the end of July, and you’d be damn crazy to go to the desert in the end of July, no one was there anyway. It was more like we discovered our own planet, a place perfect for doing donuts in dry lake beds, scrambling over orange granite boulders and sleeping in the sand under the stars.

We were blessed with early afternoon cloud cover, making the evening pleasantly mild, but the next morning the sun rose up over the mountains like a laser and we had to flee the searing heat. Our brains were desiccated so on the way home we headed to an un-dry lake bed in the mountains to re-moisturize. We swam, laid in the grass, and soaked up the summer afternoon. On the way home, we hit one more lake, for good measure. And for ice cream.

Hard to believe we were only gone a little over 24 hours. Hard to believe we were never more than 100 miles from LA.

More photos from the trip.

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