Fit to print

New York Times!

We get the New York Times delivered to our doorstep every Sunday, but it was not so easy to track down a copy in Crested Butte, Colorado earlier this week. Around 9:00 a.m. I went to the place where they sell it, only to learn that it hadn’t yet made its way up the Gunnison Valley. “It’s usually here by now,” said the woman at the grocery store. “I haven’t seen the guy who brings it.” Which in a mountain town means there was a REALLY good party the night before.

Two hours later the stacks of papers rumbled up Elk Street, and you know what? All that waiting was totally worth it. When I finally had it in my hands, I got butterflies. I’ve seen my name in print plenty of times, of course, but nothing matches the feeling of seeing myself referred to as Ms. Walker.

I was so flattered to be interviewed as one of “Hollywood’s New Stars: Pedestrians” in this excellent story about walking in LA by David Hochman. As you know I’m just a TEENSY BIT sensitive to the way LA is portrayed by certain media outlets. But what I really appreciated about David’s article was the way that he was able to touch upon some fresh ideas with original reporting that didn’t just recant the same-old silly stereotypes. The people he picked to interview talk about walking in ways that move beyond the obvious health aspects; as a form of therapy, a creative outlet, a place to find new ideas and the fastest way to turn your life around when, inexplicably, you’ve found yourself feeling lonely in a city of millions. I’m proud to count myself in that group. And I’ve gotten so many great emails from people who have shared their stories about walking, from all around the world. We have a lot of work to do in LA, but seeing this article and the response from it locally has made me feel more optimistic than ever about the power of feet. Preferably wearing neon coral sandals. (David’s eye for detail is unmatched.)


Enough excitement for one Sunday, right? Unbelievably, it got better. On the very next page, there was a story I wrote about the adorable Ellen Bennett, who makes stylish and durable aprons for chefs and other creatives like potters, barbers and tattoo artists right here in LA. That story was shot by the awesome Laure Joliet. I have a feeling someone in layout at the Style section has a great sense of humor. Or they just can’t resist all the sweet vibes from people making things happen out here in Los Angeles.

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