Hooray for Hollywood

It's hard to break into Hollywood

There’s nothing I love better than showing people around my city, so I was extremely excited to be on the other side of the interview for this month’s“Ask a Local” feature in Sunset, talking about some of the lesser-known Hollywood gems. (Like Lake Hollywood, above. Right? A lake in Hollywood???)

Since I understand that not everything I ran my mouth about could end up in print, I created a guide on Jauntful of all my favorite Hollywood places that you can download and print out, should you be visiting this fine neighborhood sometime soon. You can also click the image below to enlarge and save on your own computer or device.

And please add your favorite Hollywood spots in the comments!


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  • Stan

    DWP kind of doesn’t want people to know Lake Hollywood exists. That’s why the dam is almost completely covered in dirt so it looks like part of the hillside. When the St Francis Dam collapsed in 1928, they buried the Hollywood dam, since the two dams were essentially identical in design. That’s also why the level of Lake Hollywood is as low as it is. Even when there’s enough water, they don’t fill it up all the way, since they don’t have a lot of confidence in the dam.

  • Troubled by Nouns

    Thai Town, Cat and Fiddle :)

  • xiaju
  • xiaju