Peep fashion

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Proudly partying with my Peeps 3
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As I know you know, I love my Peeps, and usually right about now I am falling into deep depression because the Peep season has come to a close. But not this year! For two reasons: 1) Peeps are now going to be in stores year-round and 2) I have this beautiful dress I can wear whenever I need to feel the glory of Peeps around me.

And I will be wearing it all throughout the year.

This beautiful frock was made by Laura Howe, who also designed my wedding dress. She makes a lot of other beautiful dresses, too, not all of which feature sugar-coated confections. Check out her work at Matrushka, and if you’re in Silver Lake, stop by her adorable store and say hi.

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  • Rachele Palmeri-Smith

    Love this dress!!!! Want one for myself and my little girl!!!