Olympic fever


30 years ago this week, the 1984 Summer Olympics started with a blast (quite literally, a dude in a jetpack) and Los Angeles was never the same. I’ve spent the last year researching and writing a few pieces on the Games That Changed Everything and I’ve never been more proud to be an Angeleno. Here’s my Olympics round up.

How LA’s 1984 Summer Olympics Became the Most Successful Games Ever: At Gizmodo, we’ve been covering the financial stress that Olympic Games have put on cities in recent years. Which led me down a path to figure out which cities—if any—had benefitted from the Games. In fact, the best example of all was right here in LA, and it was largely due to the smart design! A truly inspirational tale of civic pride, from a time and place you wouldn’t expect.

Why Would Any Country Host the World Cup?: As a follow up, I started to investigate some of the reforms that had been proposed to help reign in costs and impacts from the Olympics as well as the World Cup. I was excited to speak with Barry Sanders, chair of the Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games, about LA’s 2024 bid and how LA plans to be fiscally and environmentally responsible yet again.

Interview with Deborah Sussman: As part of their amazing 80s issue, Los Angeles Magazine asked me to sit down with the great Deborah Sussman, whose graphic design drove the identity of the Games and transformed the city. I gladly spent a few hours hearing the whole story from Deborah—from the color palette she saw in a dream to the story of the LA 84 logo.


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