From the ashes


Every time I write a story for Dwell I seem to have some kind of funny personal connection to the subject. A story I recently wrote about a home in Silver Lake, for example, was an apartment complex less than a mile from my house that I’d been drooling over from the sidewalk for years. So when my awesome editor Kelsey Keith reached out about this home in Boulder—where I spent 3.5 glorious collegiate years in the late 1990s—I couldn’t hit reply fast enough. Not only did I know exactly where this house was, it was located in a part of town that had been one of my most treasured afternoon escapes while I was in school. It was also a place that had been ravaged by one of the most destructive wildfires to ever hit the state.

It was incredible to hear about architect Renée del Gaudio‘s work to not only reclaim the Sunshine Canyon hillside from the fire, but also her commitment to design a hypersustainable, fireproof structure that pays homage to the type of buildings that used to populate the area. It felt good to know that this little sliver of my personal history was not only brought back to life—quite literally from the ashes—but that it was now even better than it had been before. The story is now online and includes more beautiful photos by David Lauter. Check it out here.

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